About Us

The simple, legal, and affordable way to beat any SPEEDING ticket! IHATESPEEDINGTICKETS.COM is the the most valuable site on the internet. This site will save you thousands of dollars over the course of your life! No more paying for expensive speeding tickets and huge auto insurance increases. Those things are going to happen to the other guy. You're going to learn how to have your speeding ticket dismissed by the court. If you do not currently have a ticket, you can still buy from us the information that will be needed to beat your next one!

We here at IHATESPEEDINGTICKETS.COM have studied the law pertaining to speeding tickets very extensively. So much so, that even though we are not lawyers, law firms regularly contact IHATESPEEDINGTICKETS.COM asking us to train their law staff on how to beat speeding tickets! Now you can have this expertise on your side, providing YOU the information you will need to go to court and insure that you beat your ticket.

Did you know that MOST speeding tickets are written illegally? Did it ever occur to you that IF speeding tickets were truly being written for your safety on the road, why do police officers have quotas on how many to write per month? The answer is, it is NOT about safety. It is about making money for the cities, and counties that write them! And it is your money they are stealing to do it!

There are many ways around speeding tickets. Most of them are NOT the ways you have heard of (traffic school, finding something wrong with the ticket, other sites that make you read 50 or more pages of law in their "e-books"). The methods that work are ones only those with the deepest knowledge of the law could devise. We are here to help point you to what is and what is not going to work in destroying your ticket.