Chances of Winning

What are my Chances of Winning?

This is a great question, and one not asked or answered on any other website. has helped over 1000 people who purchased our ticket system over a several year period. We have received fewer than 5% requests for a refund, and we offer a win-or-money-back-guarantee. Even if we double that figure, we still beat an estimated 80% of the tickets we help with using our professional service. Fighting a speeding ticket without the help of could certainly put the odds against you.

Another way to estimate the system's win / loss ratio is the personal experience of the business founder, who is a retired police officer. He has received 13 tickets** (moving violations) in his life. He contested each ticket using the simple techniques in the system and was successful in having 12 of the 13 tickets dismissed. Since then, the founder of has made the science of beating traffic tickets a full time obsession. This insures that your chances of beating your speeding ticket will remain as high as possible. Let show you how to fight a speeding ticket.

* Win percentages are estimated from customer feedback and refund requests. Percentages decrease slightly as accused speed increases over 25mph above posted speed limit.

** We all know that police officers don't get tickets (even though that is illegal). The tickets received by the founder are over several years before and after his career as an officer. The founder does not identify himself as a retired police officer when he is stopped for a traffic violation.