How Do We Compare?

How does compare to others?

Many online and paperback books are available to let you try and fight a ticket with their information. In our opinion, books represent the absolute worst option for a citizen trying to beat a ticket. Publishing a book is an expensive process which cannot be redone with each new case law change, therefore updates (which are critical) are not found in books. Many of these books are "reseller" deals where the seller knows nothing about tickets or law. Those by competent authors are often published every few years and even when the laws change, the authors must sell all the old books before republishing. Fighting a traffic requires up to date information.

In most traffic matters, attorneys are not a practical choice, since they often cost more than the fine and offer you no guarantee of beating your ticket. The less time an attorney spends preparing your case, the more money he or she makes per hour, whether you win or lose. Therefore, attorneys are motivated to spend the least amount of time possible on fighting your ticket. How could that possibly be in your best interest?

Discount attorney services, which "specialize" in traffic tickets, generally charge $75 to $100 per ticket. In our experience, we've noted their success rate at far below 50%. Therefore, we must conclude that they stay in business, because they get paid when they lose your case.

Other Websites
1) The cop or ex-cop who will share the "secrets" of ticket salvation with you. In general (although I am a retired cop), cops represent the second worst choice for helping you with a ticket. A police officer's education is very one sided. It is true that he/she knows what doesn't work. The trouble is that if they are any good at their job, that is all they know. My education and value as a is not primarily from my time as an officer, but in personal legal research and case law study where I have excelled.

There are few legitimate websites that I know of. Tipmra helps with a defense called "trial by ambush" and is very good: . This next site is an informative link site but cannot recommend all the links: The last is a great (and free) site for help beating photo red light tickets... highly recommended for that type of ticket:

So how does compare...