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Why should I TRUST the Service?
In short, experience, reputation and our guarantee. The founder of r is a retired police officer, with 12 years traffic and professional court experience (25 years total research, court and officer). We have a flawless record with the Better Business Bureau. We are the only company that we have heard of that offers a money back guarantee on a traffic matter...

Can Attorneys Use This Service?
Yes, but generally, you do not obtain legal counsel to represent you in court for traffic violations. Have you ever seen an attorney's yellow page ad read, "For all your traffic ticket needs" Most likely you haven't, because competent attorneys generally specialize in areas of law where they can make more money. There's not enough money in speeding violation tickets for them to fight your $50 to $550 traffic matter.

Even when attorneys have a client with enough at stake to pay "whatever it takes", we have found them to be fairly incompetent in handling traffic matters. Because better money is made elsewhere, it is simply impossible for most attorneys to handle enough traffic citation cases to become traffic experts.

A judge, attorney or police officer may use the system legally for their own personal use, or to add to their private case law library. For an attorney or ticket service to use systems (all or in part) repeatedly, even if it has been purchased, constitues a violation of applicable copyright laws.

How do I order your system? (click here to purchase online)
The system for beating a speeding violation ticket in court and saving the speeding fine, is made available to you immediately upon credit card payment or for other payment types, receipt of payment. Credit card and e-check orders are processed on a secure (SSL 128 bit encryption) server. You'll receive a downloaded file instantly from this website which you may print. E-check orders are sent via email upon check clearance (usually four business days) You order either the radar/laser system (which also covers esp and photo radar) or the airplane pace system

What if I want your system, but I don't have a credit card? Can I receive the system via e-mail?
For those of you who wish to use the system but choose not to use a credit card or e-check, accepts payment by mailed check or money order or cash. This of course involves a post office delay and in the case of a personal check, a wait while your check clears. Once your payment is received or check is cleared, will send your system back to you immediately via e-mail. If you prefer, we will send your system to you by Priority mail within two business days of receipt of payment. Major brand money orders (such as U.S. Post office and American Express) which are embossed (not filled out by hand) are treated the same as cash.

Other money orders, may, at our discretion, be treated as a personal check. We accept cash for those who have no other option however we do not recommend sending cash through the mail. If you choose to send cash, you do so at your own risk. When cash is received the program is sent immediately (specify e-mail or return address).

We charge an extra $5 for mailing systems. We only ship Priority Mail. This portion of the fee is non refundable. If you are making a non-credit card order, and want it mailed, send $9.99, or non credit card order e-mail $9.99 to:
2800 N.E 147th St Suite 104B
N. Miami Fl, 33181

You must state the type of system you want ie: radar/laser (includes photo radar and ESP), or airplane pace. You must also include a legible return address or e-mail address.

(Or click here to purchase online)

Tell me more about ... is founded by a retired police officer. We are very concerned about the traffic ticket system as it exists today. We are not anti-tax, anti-government or anti-police. We are simply against any form of tax or revenue which violates the law...

What do I get when I order?
You will receive a multi-page document, which includes a "read from" script to use in court. The document includes the questions to ask the officer, including follow up questions, if the officer gives an unexpected answer. It includes all legal references and law, proving the points used to dismiss your ticket...