What Do I Get When I Order?

You will receive a multi-page document, which includes a "read from" script to use in court. The document includes the questions to ask the officer, including follow up questions, if the officer gives an unexpected answer. It includes all legal references and law, proving the points used to dismiss your ticket.

The document also gives a script that can be used as your closing statement and the several reasons that the ticket must be dismissed, based on answers that will come up during the officer's testimony or your statements and points you will make reading from or memorizing the script.

The document is simple and easy to read. It is designed to "walk" a non-legally minded citizen through the few minutes he or she will be in court to prove their innocence. For those who like all the details and information, the references, explanations and laws about the script are included with your download. For those who just want to know what to do, the legal information can be ignored.

It is perfectly acceptable to use a highlighter pen on the document and make marks and notes on it. There may be things you know that apply to your specific ticket, that are not part of our system. By all means, if they make common sense and may help you, use them.