Our Background, Our Goal

We are very concerned about the traffic ticket system as it exists today. We are not anti-tax, anti-government or anti-police. We are simply against any form of tax or revenue which violates the law.

It's no secret that traffic tickets have become a form of questionable revenue for many cities and counties. We could argue that traffic ticket income has become nothing more than an illegal tax. Because of this, we are highly motivated to assist anyone in beating a traffic ticket.

The founding Partner of Ihatespeedingtickets.com has 12 years of on-duty traffic experience. In addition to this experience, the founder also has an additional fourteen years of experience in court, and has personally beat every conceivable type of ticket*.

*We all know police officers don't get tickets (even though that is an illegal truth). The tickets received by the founder refer to a several year period before and after his career as an officer.

We do not beat every traffic ticket, but we do have the highest win percentage of any company we know of.

Ihatespeedingtickets.com has learned that flowery, philosophical, constitutional arguments about the legality of the police, of traffic tickets in general, or of the courts jurisdiction to judge us, simply don't fly in courts with judges. Since philosophy doesn't work, we advise you not to waste your time or money on it.

Our goal is to help you beat your traffic ticket. What works in court is being prepared with a powerful strategy based on case law and research. Our research will simply and quickly assist your judge to conclude that there is indeed a very clear and legal reason for your ticket to be dismissed. This is exactly what happens over 80% of the time when we help citizens prepare.

*Win percentages are based on refund requests and customer feedback. Win percentages decrease slightly as accused speed climbs above 25mph over the posted speed limit.

Let Us Help You Beat a Traffic Ticket.
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