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"...the best speeding ticket book I've read, worth every penny, would buy again!"
- Ed Perelman, CO

"Just thought I'd let you guys know that the other day I got pulled over. Well, I took your advice on what to say to the cop when you get pulled over, and guess what? You should have seen his face! He was stunned; I doubt he's even going to show up for court!"
- Sandy Perry, CA

"I would highly recommend this e-Book to almost anyone who's got a heavy foot..."
- Brian W, TX

"I actually won my case. Your sales person gave me a great pep talk. I made the CHP officer look like an illiterate fool."
- Christy S, BOCA RATON, FLA

"Thought it might be a scam. But realized from running my own Pay Pal business, that they wouldn't let a scam company continue to use their service. End result...Ticket completely dismissed! Saved me $250 on the ticket, and an $880 insurance rate increase was avoided. I would recommend this site to anyone!"
- James R, SAN PEDRO, CA