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If you are contesting a speeding ticket,
we have the answer!

Why should I TRUST the Ihatespeedingtickets.com Service...

In short, experience, reputation and our guarantee. The founding Partner of Ihatespeedingtickets.com is a retired police officer, with 12 years traffic and professional court experience (25 years total research, court and officer). We have a flawless record with consumer protection organizations. We are the only company that we have heard of that offers a money back guarantee on a traffic matter.

Ihatespeedingtickets.com has helped over 1000 people fight and beat their traffic tickets with an estimated 80% win ratio*. Wouldn't you like those odds in your favor while contesting your speeding ticket? Did you know that over 90% of citizens who fight their tickets in court without our service lose their case? If you find this hard to believe or you have heard that just appearing gives you a great chance to win, just go to traffic court for an hour or so and watch honest safe driving citizens like you get chewed up and spat out one after another. Ihatespeedingtickets.com will put the odds of beating a speeding ticket in your favor.

Consumer protection agencies maintain complaint files on businesses whether they are current members or not. Our perfect record can be verified at any consumer protection agency. Simply input our website address. A "no business on record" indicates that we are not a current member, but that there are no complaints on file. This is after hundreds of satisfied customers. Let us show you how to get out of your speeding ticket.

* Win percentages are conservative and based on customer feedback and refund requests of less than 5%. Win percentages decrease slightly as accused speed increases over 25mph above the posted speed limit.

Why a service like ours is necessary:

Because an officers recollection or testimony of your traffic ticket is VERY likely to be different from yours, and because Judges will favor the officers memory (even though it is illegal to do so), it is better to make the city prove that they complied with each and every one of the rules and regulations. This method puts the city and the officer on trial instead of the citizen....as it should be.

In our experience, the majority of cities and counties do not follow all the rules they are required to follow before they enforce traffic laws. Since the cities have no choice according to federal statute but to obey these rules, each time a citizen points out one of these unobserved rules, his or her ticket must be dismissed. It is not practical for individual citizens to do all this research themselves. This is what a city or police agency counts on when they short-cut the regulations.

Some city and/or police agencies don't even know all the existing regulations. Since retiring from the police force several years ago, the founder of Ihatespeedingtickets.com has spent hundreds of hours researching these federal regulations, as well as researching case law and courtroom procedure. This combination of knowledge, personal experience and professional police background makes Ihatespeedingtickets.com unequaled in helping citizens beat their tickets.